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Kajabi Site in 30 Days

Practical Tutorials

Watch as I build this website (the one you are on now) & show you how you can do it in 30 days.

Including Custom Domains, Choosing your Theme, and differences in Kajabi if you are migrating from Wordpress. Plus much more.


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30 Day Launch Checklist


Creating your Kajabi site and products can be confusing on just which task to start with and then what order should the next tasks be actioned in.

My checklist will provide you the best order of events. The same order I've used for multiple sites to get you the best results as quickly as possible.

Currently available for ClickUp, Asana, Notion and Trello.

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What's Included


Practical Video Tutorials

7+ hours of Practical and Easy to Follow video tutorials. Separated into videos of a few minutes highlighting individual tasks.

Plus a few are Use Case type video's of approx. 10min length demonstrating end to end processes.

All with captions and downloadable transcripts.

Starter, VIP and Professional packages

30 Day Launch Checklist

(Microsoft Excel version)

Download your own excel Checklist with all the tasks, values and image sizes you need to build an awesome Kajabi site.

Steps and tasks are detailed in the order it's best to action them.

Starter, VIP and Professional packages

Canva Image Templates

Get all the images you need for your Kajabi site pre-sized and ready to go.

Canva Free account is required to access them.

Starter, VIP and Professional packages

30 Day Launch Checklist

(various versions)

Choose to also receive your Checklist in the format for ClickUp, Asana, Notion or Trello.

VIP and Professional package

1-1 Coaching

Utilise a 1-to-1 coaching session with Kylie to discuss anything Kajabi about your site.

Troubleshoot, design, configure, test - Just ask!

VIP package 1 x 1hr session

Professional package 2 x 1hr sessions

Kajabi Site Audit

Once you have designed your site, Kylie can complete a Kajabi Site audit and double check the Layout, Branding consistency, links, buttons and menu's flow where they should.

Test your Pipelines, Opt-in forms and more to provide a comprehensive report on the results and suggest any areas of improvement.

Professional package

All the Detail

The structure of the course matches the Kajabi menu to allow you to find what you are looking for in the same place as you have the question.  You'll work through the 30 Day Checklist in the order it's recommended to action each section, as relevant to your business offerings, and can keep track of your progress in both the Checklist and within this course.


  • Design
    • Themes and how to customise
    • Themes and how to change
    • Use Case: Creating your Coming Soon page, with Theme and Waitlist opt-in form
    • The Theme Store
  • Pages
    • Difference between System pages and Landing pages
    • Creating and Maintaining pagesPages
  • Navigation
    • System Menu's
    • User Menu's
    • Custom Menu's
  •  Blog
    • Creating Posts


  • Offers
    • How to create an offer to sell your product(s)
    • How to create multiple offers for the same product(s)
    • Setting up the Checkout
    • How to capture custom values on the Checkout and why you may need them
  • Coupons
    • Creating Coupons for your Offers
  • Payments
    • viewing the reporting for your payments
  • Affiliates
    • Enabling Affiliates for your product(s)
    • Commission Setup
    • Share Links
    • Viewing Transactions
    • How to pay your affiliates


  • Creating and Maintaining your Products
    • Online Course Products
      • Mini Course product
      • Online Course product
      • Dripping content within a course product
      • Membership product
      • Community product
      • Online Courses
    • Coaching Programs
      • Creating and Maintaining various styles of coaching programs
      • Creating Agenda's
      • Coaching notes
      • Integrating with Calendly and Zoom
    • Podcast
      • Import your Podcast from another platform
      • Creating and Maintaining your Podcast on Kajabi
      • Setting up a Landing page for your Podcast


  • Email Campaigns
    • Creating an Email Broadcast / Campaign
    • The Difference between a Broadcast and a Campaign
    • Creating Email Sequences
  • Pipelines
    • Creating your 1st Pipeline (aka Sales Funnel)
    • Where to view your Pipelines and how to maintain them
  • Automations
    • What is an Automation
    • View all your automations
  • Events
    • Creating your 1st Event
    • What is an Event and where could you use them
  • Forms
    • Creating your 1st Form
    • Adding Custom fields
    • Ways to use a Form to capture information and use within an Automation


  • Managing all your People
    • Who are your People (difference between Members and Subscribers)
    • Managing Tags
    • Creating and Maintaining Segments
    • Where you use Segments
  • Assessments
    • Creating your 1st Assessment
    • Viewing Results


  • Managing all your People
    • Who are your People (difference between Members and Subscribers)
    • Managing Tags
    • Creating and Maintaining Segments
    • Where you use Segments
  • Assessments
    • Reviewing your Analytics Reports
      • Net Revenue
      • Recent Transactions
      • Subscription Metrics
      • Opt-ins
      • Page Views
      • Product Progress
      • Offers Sold
      • Affiliates
    • Why results could be different to Google Analytics


  • We'll review all the Site and Account Settings
  • With a detailed focus on setting up Custom Domains, Emails, Payment Integrations and so much more

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